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How Image-Centric Marketing Scare Up Some Business

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By Marcella Surra

An image speaks a thousand words, or so goes the saying. In a world with tweets and blogs, and words around every corner of the Internet, using images is a great way to attract Internet users. Moreover, the right image can easily become viral thanks to sites like Buzzfeed and Pinterest.

My favorite places to find imagery are Shutterstock and IStockphoto. Using images cleverly will attract more attention to your tweets, blog posts, or Facebook postings. It will also help drive your point home.

The best strategy is to use images that you normally wouldn’t relate to your blog post, but instead act as a gimmick. For instance, if you are a Real estate agent, do not use the typical house and homeowner image, tell a story in your post and use an image that pertains to an example in your story. Use a fun crazy analogy that will get readers’ attention. This is a great way to keep your blog posts from sounding like your typical advertisement.

If you ever feel like doing the whole social media thing is too much work or you don’t have time, call RGA about social media packages. Some of our clients that don’t have a big enough budget to hire a dedicated social media expert find that outsourcing their social media work increases the productivity of their current internal staff as well as the level of creativity in their social media content output.

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